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Business Readiness & Change Management Lead

(15 month contract - extended term possible)


Arlington County, VA’s Department of Environmental Services (DES) seeks a Change Management specialist with communications and training experience in a system integration implementation. This role will support its Utility Billing System (UBS) implementation which aims to replace its current legacy system with a modern system including process improvements.

The Business Readiness/Change Management Lead will be responsible for developing a comprehensive set of business procedures, job aids, and training and will ensure that DES Leadership and its business users are prepared for the changes in process and technology. The position reports to the UBS Project Manager.

UBS Project Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  1. Develop business procedures for the new permitting system. Procedures could be in the form of job aids, procedure manuals, workflows, etc.

  2. Develop and manage communications plan

  3. Internal communications

  4. Develop Training Plan

  5. Identify end-user training needs to supplement the vendor's out-of-the-box training courses

  6. Develop training material with input from the County and vendor resources

  7. Conduct end-user training and manage logistics (location / hardware / schedule / people)

  8. Conduct training survey and use feedback to improve training and materials

  9. Attend meetings such as design sessions and setup meetings with subject matter experts (SME) that that would serve as input for To-Be Business Processes

  10. Produce progress reports / dashboards to communicate status, and issues/risks

  11. Work with UBS Project Manager to resolve issues and training needs


The successful candidate must have:

  1. Bachelor's degree with 5+ years’ experience with change management (Ex: Business Process Documentation / Communications / Training) and system integration implementations

  2. Experience in business analysis and creation of business readiness documentation

  3. Experience with change readiness

  4. Experience with internal communications

  5. Experience facilitating training

  6. Utilities experience preferred

  7. Strong written and oral communication skills

  8. Strong Microsoft Office, Project and Visio skills

  9. Expertise in design software and other tools to create visually appealing job aids and manuals

  10. Ability to work in a dynamic environment that requires the individual to simultaneously manage several activities, while paying attention to detail and quality

  11. Strong analytical and organizational skills

  12. Ability to translate technical and or complex business concepts into lay terms and visuals in a compelling way.

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