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Wireless Network Installer

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Install wireless access points and bridges for customers in the Washington DC metro area

  2. Work with wireless engineers to review access point locations, heat map results, and recommend solutions for complex wireless deployments

  3. Relocate existing data cable, repair existing cable and connectors as needed, and install new data cable if required to support the best wireless access point and bridge locations possible

  4. MacGyver solutions for complex wireless access point and bridge installations including bracket fabrication if needed

  5. Interface with customers to schedule installation times while minimizing inconvenience

  6. Track inventory with the goal of maintaining effective stock materials and managing product life-cycle expectations, including wireless access point hardware, mounting brackets, and miscellaneous parts

  7. Serve as point person on resolving technical issues with wireless access points by engaging appropriate engineers, manufacturers, and subject matter experts

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Experience with physical technology installations

  2. Understanding of 802.11 wireless networking

  3. Experience working in an enterprise network environment


  1. Experience configuring and troubleshooting network systems

  2. CCNA, Network+, or other equivalent or relevant certifications

  3. Experience in customer service

  4. Experience with wireless networking; especially Cisco, Aruba, and Ubiquity

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