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The Power Of Organizing Your Team Around Services Instead Of Tech!

Individual style and personal preference continue to permeate the workplace with most companies embracing an ever increasingly flexible format where expression is celebrated. Aside from the teams to which we belong or the companies that we represent, we are individuals that have preferences and quirks that make us unique amongst the crowd.

The modern economy now requires employees to embrace personal growth head on, where in the past, companies controlled the routine of growth and engagement through mandatory training and regimented structure.

As such, customers whether internal or external, now seek access to technology that solves an immediate need, that can be implemented quickly, and un-daunting in complexity. While it's common for tech teams to host a roster of technologies that are available to the customer, it's also common for tech teams to talk tech and lose sight of the customers need for service.

By transitioning to a service delivery model, where a service catalog leads, technology teams can take a step back, determine the services that resonate with the customer, and focus on constant service improvement. Technology ultimately is an enabler, supporting a service, where underlying technology should be constantly reviewed and reconsidered to support the service to which it enables.

The decoupling of technology from the service to which it enables is the key. With such constant bombardment of tech tech tech, it's easy to overlook the service as it aligns with the customer. Spending more time making decisions about the customer experience and the services to which they rely is time well spent.

An effective service delivery catalog acts as both a marketing and a governance mechanism. With an effective and regular service delivery catalog review process, constantly fed by customer satisfaction metrics and a CPS (cost per service), it's possible to confirm value for dollar and pit various technologies against one another to ensure the best service enabling tech.

By transitioning to a service delivery model, it brings the conversation and decision making much closer to the customer. Ultimately, customer's are seeking service, not technology, and they want bite sized chunks that solve immediate needs. Don't focus on tech first, focus on the customer; with tech as an ever changing enabler!

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