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Do You Have A Design Mind?

Good design and creativity has been the driving factor behind all of the biggest innovations since the free market was first introduced to the world economy. Until very recently, however, the need for workers to innovate and embody a design mindset has been limited and the creative process relegated to a select few.

Many lower to middle income jobs continue to be based on repetitive tasks, but automation and outsourcing is now transforming the jobs market very quickly. The need for creativity and a design mindset is growing and should be encouraged at a young age.

With the onset of advanced artificial intelligence that consumes and automates complex tasks including computer coding, it’s clear that any job that can be automated will be… and many sooner than we can adapt.

With that, the importance of exploring and celebrating the creative process and the beauty of good design will usher in a new era of powerful out of the box thinking and a movement towards human centered design.

In the short run, this creates a problem, a problem where large amounts of unemployed laborers struggle to compete in an evolving jobs market. People will undergo economic hardship unless we can give them access to design oriented education and foster new skills.

In the long run, this relegation of repetitive tasks to AI and the newfound focus on design and creativity will lead us to think outside of the box; where we might just tackle some of the world’s greatest problems in some unexpected ways.

Will you be ready to contribute with a design mindset?

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